NLA-Indianapolis is a diverse, pansexual group of adults who share a common interest in Leather, BDSM, or similar kink (bondage, spanking, etc.) and who want to be active in building a thriving and supportive community in the Indianapolis metro area.


We are women, men and transgendered people, heterosexual, bisexual, gay and lesbian, partnered, married, single, monogamous and polyamorous, young and old. We support the statements of purpose of NLA-International and apply them to local issues.


Maintain our national/international communication, information, education and support network for all members of the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community.


Model the power and pride of all adults who engage in consensual sexual expression and encourage those who fight for decriminalization of all sexual acts between consenting adults.


Support individual and organized political activism, visibility and education in order to eradicate stereotypical beliefs, misconceptions and media misrepresentation about the Leather/BDSM/Fetish family in the community at large.


Continue providing, through publications, educational material and conferences, a forum for the sharing of knowledge, viewpoints and practices of a diverse network of people.


Welcome women, people of color, transgendered persons, the deaf, the physically challenged and others who have traditionally been discriminated against or poorly represented within the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community.


Attend, promote and support fundraising for deserving defense funds, projects, and clubs, organizations, and/or charities, which have given direct service to the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community.


Promote the success and welfare of individuals, organizations, publications and businesses within our community; especially against threats to their freedom of expression, freedom of the press, rights to free association and right to equal protection under the law.


Continue preserving a record of our history, traditions and culture.


Business Meeting - Fourth Wednesday of each month. Everyone welcome.


Dinner/Demo - Third Tuesday of even numbered months. Everyone welcome.


Member Party - Third Saturday of odd numbered months. Members and guests only.






SECRETARY - poeticwatcher


TREASURER - julesagain





Membership/Outreach/Mentorship Chair - Lady_Elsa



Fetlife group:



Membership is open to anyone 18 years old or older.



A collection of fiction and non-fiction books on various topics related to Leather, BDSM and kink are available for members to borrow.


View the complete list of LIBRARY BOOKS here.

The mentorship program is designed to train future leaders and volunteers,to provide a path of growth to people who are ready to move beyond the basics and to set the expectation of community service as a core value of NLA Indianapolis. Mentees will be guided through learning and volunteer opportunities that will help them become more useful to the local community and help them grow personally. There are four mentorship tracks.


Community Leader: Prepares the individual to serve the local community in a leadership role, such as serving on the board of an organization or taking on a volunteer position involving significant responsibilities. Focuses on networking, volunteerism, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, and understanding of the local community and its groups and resources.


Presenter: Prepares the individual to develop and teach BDSM related classes at the local and regional level. Focuses on educational theory, curriculum development, professionalism, and public speaking skills.


Event Organizer: Prepares the individual to produce BDSM related events. Focuses on logistics planning, budgeting, marketing, negotiating, and managing volunteers.


Titleholder: Prepares the individual to serve as a local or regional titleholder. Focuses on public speaking and stage confidence, BDSM and Leather history and protocol, networking, personal image, and volunteerism.



What is leather?

Leather is a particular denomination of being kinky. Leather emphasizes a core set of values, including honesty, accountability, education, and community service, as well as, of course, having fun. Leatherfolk often wear leather clothing as an outward symbol of their inward commitment to leather values, but wearing leather is not a defining characteristic.


Leather culture originated in the gay male community, and is still very queer in its culture, with a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. All gender expressions and sexual orientations are welcome to be a part of NLA.


Do I have to be leather to be a part of NLA?

No. Many of our members identify as Leather, but many others do not; they simply appreciate and share the values of the organization.


How does NLA Indianapolis differ from other organizations in the Indianapolis area?

NLA Indianapolis has much in common with other local groups, and quite a bit of overlap in membership. That said, each organization has its own unique demographic and culture, including NLA Indianapolis.


Generally speaking, NLA Indianapolis is less of an entry-level organization than some others. While we welcome newcomers to the community, our focus on education and community service is often a better fit for people who have been out in the local community for awhile and are ready to move toward serving the community through volunteerism, education, and fundraising. We have a play party every other month for our members' enjoyment, but the primary focus of NLA Indianapolis is not sex or play. NLA Indianapolis's membership also tends to skew a bit older than some other local groups, with most members ages 30 and above.


Because of NLA's roots in the queer community, NLA Indianapolis is a comfortable place for GLBT persons, and our membership is a diverse mix of both straight and LGBT people. NLA is best for people who are comfortable around people of diverse sexual orientations and genders.


Who can attend NLA events?

Meetings and educational demos are open to anyone age 18 or older. Parties are open to anyone age 18 or older who is sponsored by a member. The best way to meet a member to sponsor you is to attend one of the other events.


How can I join NLA Indianapolis?

Before submitting an application to join NLA Indianapolis, you should attend several NLA activities and events so you can meet the members and get a feel for NLA's culture. You can pick up a membership application at any business meeting, educational demo or download it here.