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Puppy's Tales, Puppy Papers 2

by Puppy Sharon, Steven Toushin


Puppy s Tales begins where The Puppy Papers left off. Puppy s Tales is a true, honest, bold, exciting, and bizarre exposure of two people s lives in the forbidden world of sexual sadomasochism and domination submission. Puppy s Tales is the continuation of Steven Toushin and puppy sharon s BDSM relationship as it evolves from Domination and submission to a contracted Master slave relationship. This books reveals the complexites of a relationship embedded with a Ds philosophy at the heart of its foundation.

On many levels, their story offers a unique glimpse into the complex character and nature of a seemingly average woman from Middle America. This book reveals the inner life of a professional woman in the work place who is a submissive/slave to her Master in her private life, but it does not simply tell you who puppy is. Rather, it allows you to eavesdrop as her life unfolds through the honesty, spontaneity, and openness of her words, thoughts, and actions.


Through personal correspondence and narrative writings, Puppy s Tales submerges you in puppy and Toushin s daily life as it evolves over the course of five seasons (15 months). This includes the drama in puppy s marriage, her Dominant submissive relationship, discussions about love, her work philosophy about caring for the dying, their collaboration on writing projects, as well as the men and women who entered their world of kinky and rough sex.


Their adventures include public play at the Bijou Theater, SM clubs and dungeons, lifestyle events, a collaring ceremony, and an eight-month poly sexual relationship with another submissive woman. As life takes its unexpected twists and turns, the one enduring element is the strength of a Dominant submissive relationship built on a foundation of respect, love, communication, and trust.


Puppy s Tales is erotic, revealing, sensitive and fascinating. Written in two distinctive voices, Writing like this cannot be duplicated, it has to be lived and written in those moments that life happens.