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Servants of Destiny

by Tammyjo Eckhart


"Servants of Destiny" is about fate and how everyone person, free or

enslaved, poor or rich, male or female, can choose to fight their lot

in life or embrace and empower it. From the first day she was born as

heir to an ancient realm, Marelda has been trained to fulfill a

prophecy but every good prophecy has enough vagueness to allow a

powerful woman to fulfill in different ways. Marelda uses her

bravery, her skills, and her sex-fueled magicks to reclaim her ancient

birthright. Her prophecised partner turns out to be the runaway

slave, Dolan. Even though his life has never been his own, even he

must decide how do treat his destiny as a necessary agent in a quest

that will decide the future of the world. In the course of the story

both mistress and slave must learn to work together to succeed in

their mission. Along the way they also discover the true power of

sex, submission, trust, and control.