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Spiritual Transformation through BDSM

by Sensuous Sadie (Editor)


Some people feel that their spiritual side is always present and always powerful, whether doing BDSM or anything else, so BDSM always has to do with spirituality...As for me, I believe it takes conscious acts to live a spiritual life. Spirituality is fundamental to how I move through my life and BDSM is one way to stamp my ticket there. ~ Sensuous Sadie Spiritual Transformation through BDSM does not presume to be a step-by-step manual for obtaining enlightenment through bondage, domination, sadism, or masochism, although it provides enough for the reader to plot their own path. At once both scholarly and approachable, this book is a compilation of dozens of interviews, articles, anecdotes, and tales, by the today's leaders in the BDSM community. By reading Spiritual Transformation, practitioners of BDSM are encouraged to consider the religious and spiritual importance of their devotion.