A collection of fiction and non-fiction books on various topics related to Leather, BDSM and kink are available for members to borrow.


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Travels with a Whip

by G. C. Scott


Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it, and then some! Just ask Janice, a successful career woman who signed up for what she thought was an innocent "vacation adventure" at The Last Resort, and ended up getting much more out of her travel package than she had ever dreamed. Although, instead of being taken to a balmy resort with horses, swimming pools and relaxation, Janice soon discovers that she has been taken to a sex slave camp instead! At first angered and shocked by the idea of being placed into sexual submission, Janice tries desperately to plot her escape. But her body soon gives way to the submissive sex slave hidden deep inside her, and Janice starts to truly enjoy the painful pleasure brought on by each of her daily visitations from her many masters. Will a week of punishment and intense sexual gratification change the life of this straight laced career woman for good?